The firm

For the benefit of its clients, the firm has developed a comprehensive approach of his areas of expertise which often overlap. By applying a multi-disciplinary approach to cases and a cross-functional perspective, communications are channelled through a limited number of contacts and our clients often obtain swift, effective and constructive solutions.


In carrying out our work, both with regard to our clients and members of our team, we are guided by our professional oath: conscience, independence, dignity, humanity and integrity.

This mindset results in long-term partnerships with our clients and excellent relationships within the team.

We provide consulting and litigation services.

With regard to consulting, we strive for efficiency and speed at an appropriate cost for our clients. With regard to litigation, we strive first and foremost to settle matters without recourse to the courts. If a settlement cannot be reached, our lawyers use their expertise to argue the case before the courts in a manner both legally appropriate and humane.

Within the firm, our goal is to apply the same rigour to provide a high quality of work and quality of life at work.