la pratique du cabinet d'avocats ricard ringuier

Our practice


The firm’s lawyers have taken an oath to perform their duties with conscience, independence, dignity, humanity and integrity. These values lie at the heart of their day-to-day practice.

In accordance with these values, the firm take care to determine the most appropriate charging method for each client, taking into account, in particular, time spent, the complexity of the case, the specific nature and duration of the case, the result obtained and the client’s financial situation.

Professional secrecy

Lawyers are required to comply with the Bar's ethical rules and must strictly apply professional secrecy rules.

les avocats antoine ricard et bruno ringuier


The firm has a secondary office in Lyon, headed by Mathilde Cena.

It also has an office in Brussels at the firm San Bartolome et Associés, staffed by European lawyers operating in all areas of business law, as well as in European Union law.

It also has a partnership with Cyril Laroche, a Lawyer at the Paris Bar, who holds a PhD in Public Law from the Paris V University, who was sworn in on 5 January 2006 and who works as the firm's Of Counsel for clients who required advice on public law matters.

Finally, the firm is a member of a network of other independent specialist lawyers, as well as with all other legal professionals (court bailiffs, notaries and patent attorneys), in order to provide its clients with full and comprehensive services.


English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Italian are spoken at the firm.